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S. Hehenberger

Das High Output Syndrom - Überblick und Aspekte des Managements

Krankenhauspharmazie 2024;45:1–7

Link zur PublikationN. Riesenhuber, M. Krauss, K. Moßburger, C. Gradwohl, G. Stemer

Liquid Antimicrobials: A National Analysis of Critical Shortages

Short Report, European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, 2024

Link zur PublikationS. Hehenberger, I. Lagoja, S. Bielitz-Holzer, Klinik Ottakring

Evaluation and Optimisation of the Medication in Patients with Ileostomy

Poster, EAHP 2024

Link zur PublikationR. Oakley, S. Guntschnig, S. Al-Mahdi, H. Trinh, M. Custodio, S. Khorshid, A.Gous, D. Lonsdale

Defining International Critical Care Pharmacist Aspirations to the Management of Sepsis

Poster, EAHP 2024

Link zur PublikationM. Zakhari-Betros, I. Summer, A. Poier, C. Fegerl-Stadlober

Assessment of Oral Drug Therapy Regarding Absorption Disorders in Patients with Intestinal Ostomies

Poster, EAHP 2024

Link zur PublikationR. Knauseder, A. Sonnleitner-Heglmeier, M. Jeske, M. Munz, M. Costa, A.E. Weidmann

Clinical Pharmacy Prioritisation Algorithm For Patients in Psychiatric Long-Term Care: A Pilot Study

Poster, EAHP 2024

Link zur PublikationA. Stoiber, G. Gray, G. Sailer, W. Huf, A. Tonna

A Description of Pharmacists' Interventions to Optimize the Treatment of Adults With Orally Available COVID-Drug Paxlovid®

Poster, EAHP 2024

Link zur PublikationC. Gradwohl, B. Birkenau, G. Stemer, H. Pichler

Improving Parental Medication Literacy by Pharmacist-Led Discharge Counselling in Paediatric Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Poster, EAHP 2024

Link zur PublikationN. Riesenhuber, M. Krauss, K. Moßburger, C. Gradwohl, G. Stemer

Availability of Liquid Antimicrobials - A National Analysis of the Current Supply Situation

Poster, EAHP 2024

Link zur PublikationT. Drechsel, T. Steindl-Schönhuber, G.Gittler, A.E. Weidmann

Experiences, Views and Attitudes of Hospital Nursing Staff Towards the Implementation of the Unit Dose Dispensing System for Inpatients: A Qualitative Interview Study

Poster, EAHP 2024


D.Ertl, G. Ratzinger-Stöger, A. Raimann, M. Anzengruber, K. Skoll, F. Gabor, M. Hartmann, S. Wudy, G. Hartmann

Successful Use of Metyrapone Suppositories in an Infant With Neonatal Cushing and McCune Albright Syndrome: A Case Report

Case Report

Link zur PublikationRedinger T., Pointinger A., Weigl A. - Kepler Universitätsklinikum

Validity, Reliability, and User-Practicability of a Classification Tool for Drug-Related Problems and Pharmacist Interventions Within an Upper Austrian Hospital Trust

Poster, EAHP 2023

Link zur PublikationT.M. Steindl-Schönhuber, G. Gittler 

A Patient Satisfaction Survey on Unit Dose Drug Distribution in Hospital

Poster, EAHP 2023

Link zur PublikationArbeitsgemeinschaft österreichischer Krankenhausapotheker, Österreichische Apothekerkammer, Österreichische Gesellschaft für Krankenhauspharmazie

Die österreichischen Krankenhausapotheker:innen - WHO Patient Safety Action Plan: Medication Without Harm!



Link zur Publikation

J. Gampenrieder Satory

Pharmacokinetic Drug Interactions of Oral Anticancer Drugs

Short Review, Magazine of European Medical Oncology, 2022

Link zur PublikationT.M. Steindl-Schönhuber, G. Gittler

Evaluation of the Impact of Machine-Aided Deblistering in Unit Dose Blister Production on the Functionality of Tablet Coating

Poster, EAHP 2022

Link zur PublikationT.M. Steindl-Schönhuber, G. Gittler

Impact of Introducing a Unit Dose Blister Service in an Austrian Hospital

Poster, EAHP 2022

Link zur PublikationKaiser G, Lagoja IM

Orale Krebstherapien: Erstellung einer Übersichtstabelle als praktische Hilfe für (nicht hämato-onkologische) Fachpersonen

Poster, Schladming 2022

Link zur PublikationWunder C, Tobi S

Learning from returns: How return can help to improve the process of distribution


Link zur PublikationPalme V, Lagoja IM, Valipour A

The impact of comedication on potential liver toxicity of remdesivir: a descriptive, retrospective analysis of hospitalised Covid 19 patients

Poster, EAHP 2022

Link zur PublikationGrillitsch T, Lagoja IM

Clinical-pharmaceutical medication counselling for pneumological patients in outpatient and inpatient areas

Poster, EAHP 2022

Link zur PublikationSanioglu C, Sitter B, Lagoja IM, Oczenski W

A retrospective analysis of high dose intravenous vitamin C administration in Covid 19 patients in the intensive care unit

Poster, EAHP 2022

Link zur PublikationPast EM , Berger K , Lechner AM , Wallner M , Porsche U , Kern JM

Evaluierung der Antimicrobial Stewardship Maßnahmen an einem österreichischen Universitätsklinikum mittels Audit-Feedback-Intervention


Link zur PublikationLindner N, Riesenhuber M, Müller-uri T, Weidmann AE

The role of community pharmacists in immunisation: a national cross‑sectional study

Poster, International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy (2022) 44:409–417

Link zur PublikationGradwohl C, Gernot Engstler G, Anditsch M, Pichler H, Stemer G

The Impact of Clinical Pharmacy Services in a Tertiary Care Center Specialized in Pediatric Hemato-Oncology

Paper, Children 2022, 9, 479 (1-5)


Link zur PublikationRoos S. G. Sablerolles, Freija E. F. Hogenhuis,  Melvin Lafeber, Bob P. A. van de Loo,  Sander D. Borgsteede,  Eric Boersma,  Jorie Versmissen,  Hugo van der Kuy, COMET Research Team, Br J Clin

No association between use of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors or angiotensin II receptor blockers prior to hospital admission and clinical course of COVID-19 in the COvid MEdicaTion (COMET) study

Paper, Pharmacol. 2021;87:3301–3309

Link zur PublikationRoos S G Sablerolles, Melvin Lafeber, Janneke A L van Kempen, Bob P A van de Loo, Eric Boersma, Wim J R Rietdijk, Harmke A Polinder-Bos, Simon P Mooijaart, Hugo van der Kuy, Jorie Versmissen, Miriam C Faes, on behalf of the COMET research team

Association between Clinical Frailty Scale score and hospital mortality in adult patients with COVID-19 (COMET): an international, multicentre, retrospective, observational cohort study

Paper, the lancet, 2021, 2, e163-e170


Link zur PublikationA. Zoufaly, M.Poglitsch, J.H Aberle, W.Hoepler, T.Seitz , M.Traugott, A.Grieb, E.Pawelka, H. Laferl, C.Wenisch, S.Neuhold, D.Haider, K.Stiasny, A. Bergthaler, E. Puchhammer-Stoeckl, A. Mirazimi, N.Montserrat , H.Zhang, A. S Slutsky, J. M Penninger

Human recombinant soluble ACE2 in severe COVID-19

Paper, Vol 8 November 2020, 1154-1158


Link zur PublikationPointinger A, Schneider I , Weigl A

Wechselwirkungsdatenbanken – die Qual der Wahl

Poster, 2019

Link zur PublikationPointinger A, Schneider I , Weigl A

Wechselwirkungen- Should wie care?

Paper, 2019

Link zur PublikationC. Wunder, G. Länger

Is pneumatic tube delivery safe for medicines

Poster, EAHP 2019



Link zur PublikationWunder C

Hein R, Idinger G. Development of quality risk management in the clinical pharmacy field.

Paper, Published Online First: 21 03 2013 doi: 10.1136/ejhpharm-2012-000254

Link zur PublikationAnditsch M

Weber H. Die klinische Pharmazeutin im therapeutischen Team.

Paper, Universum Innere Medizin 2012; 02: 63-64


Link zur PublikationMag. pharm. Dr. Silvia Hetz, aHPh

Hochschulfolder der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Österreichischer Krankenhausapotheker

Folder, Wien 2011

Link zur PublikationDolinar E.

Changing legislation in Austrian hospital pharmacy: challenges and opportunities.

Paper, EJHP 2011;17(2):45-46

Link zur PublikationLangebner T.

Economic aspects of drug supply in hospitals: historical perspective.

Paper, EJHP 2011;17(2):46-47

Link zur PublikationHaslehner B

Idinger G. Reconstitution of cytotoxic drugs in the Steyr hospital in line with GMP.

Paper, EJHP 2011;17(2):48


Link zur PublikationKdolsky A.

Hospital pharmacists play an important role.

Paper, EJHP 2008;14(5):5

Link zur PublikationLangebner T.

Antidotes and emergency drugs.

Paper, EJHP 2008;14(5):49

Link zur PublikationKirchdorfer K.

Human allogeneic bone transplants at Danube Hospital. 

Paper, EJHP 2008;14(5):48

Link zur PublikationDolinar E.

Pharmacovigilance and medical devices. Vigilance in practice. 

Paper, EJHP 2008;14(5):47

Link zur PublikationSchade B

Wuerkner H. Drug safety – the Austrian experience. 

Paper, EJHP 2008;14(5):46-47

Link zur PublikationHetz S.

How healthy is healthcare in Austria?

Paper, EJHP 2008;14(5):45


Link zur PublikationLangebner T.

Hospital Pharmacy in Austria.

Paper, EJHP 2004;10(5):53

Link zur PublikationLangebner T.

The Austrian Association of Hospital Pharmacists.

Paper, EJHP 2004;10(5):54

Link zur PublikationSteiner E.

Service is our Success – A Day in an Austrian Hospital Pharmacy.

Paper, EJHP 2004;10(5):58


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